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Revolutionary changes may occur in the lives of farmers, this can increase their earnings
The government said that there will be a change in the lives of farmers, livestock and aquaculture farmers. The relief announcements made by the central government are nothing less than a boon for the farmers. Announcement of more than 18 thousand crores for the farmers will provide a relief. During the Corona crisis, the assistance of one lakh crore rupees to be provided for agricultural storage supplies etc. will strengthen the agricultural structure and will benefit the farmers immensely. 10 thousand crore fund for small food processing units will give them momentum._x000D_ Similarly, the government believes that the 20 thousand crore fishery scheme to be launched for the welfare of fishermen will provide employment to about 55 lakh people in the fisheries sector._x000D_ Apart from this, these are some special announcements for the farmers…_x000D_ Fishermen's boats will be insured._x000D_ A 15 thousand crore fund for dairy infrastructure will encourage private investment and will be highly beneficial for milk producers._x000D_ 500 crore has been planned for beekeeping._x000D_ Announcement of 50 percent subsidy on cold storage for tomatoes, onions, potatoes and vegetables will increase their storage capacity._x000D_ The announcement of Rs 500 crore is the most important step to fix the supply chain._x000D_ _x000D_ Source: - Krishi Jagran, 17 May 2020_x000D_ If you find this information useful, like it and share it with your farmer friends.
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