Pulses and vegetables will be able to buy directly from farmers!
Krishi VaartaFinancial Express
Pulses and vegetables will be able to buy directly from farmers!
Union MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari launched an online portal VedKrishi.com on Monday. Through this portal, customers will be able to buy groceries directly from farmers. This platform has been set up by the Veda krishi Farmer Producer Company of Nagpur. There will be home delivery of dairy products, vegetables, cereals, pulses, pickles, juices, sauces, etc., through VedKrishi.com. The company will connect farmers directly with consumers through this platform. Registered users will be able to schedule their orders in advance from a year ago. Apart from this, Vedkrishi will also help other farmers through consultation on the best systems related to organic farming. The VedKrishi.com portal is not yet operational. It will take some time to launch its service. Ashish Kaswa, Founder Director of VedKrishi.com told Financial Express Online that due to covid, things are not moving in the direction of launching the portal as it should, but we plan to launch it in the next one or two months. Initially VedKrishi.com's service will be in Nagpur and its adjoining areas and our initial target will be to bring 300 farmers on it. Later we will extend the service of this portal to the entire Maharashtra and then to the whole of India. You will be able to buy products offline There will be home delivery of products to customers from VedKrishi.com, but they can also buy products offline if they want. Vedkrishi will offer advice to farmers on day-to-day problems related to farming, as well as provide them a paid visit facility to visit Veda Krishi farms so that they can understand more about it. Farm inputs will also be available to farmers On this occasion, Gadkari said that besides providing mentoring and guiding on better farming techniques to farmers, VedKrishi will also provide farm inputs like compost, biofertilizer, paste control solutions etc. It will also offer solar dryers to farmers for drying and processing agricultural produce for zero waste. Source: Financial Express, 17 August 2020, If you feel this information is useful to you, like it and share it with your friends.
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