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Pruning of guava trees and fertilizer management
The guava tree need not be pruned regularly but to give proper turning to the tree, pruning the young tree and growing new shoots is beneficial. To have trees growing on the same stem, the shoot at the height of 0.5m should be pruned from time to time. To keep balance of the tree, 3-4 branches should be kept at a uniform distance. Fertilizer Management - Give proper dosage of fertilizers for first 4 years so that the tree grows fast. • FYM 20 to 22 kg per tree should be given before the onset of monsoon. • 6 months after the plantation 150 gm Nitrogen, 50 to 60 gm phosphorus, 50 gm potash should be given. • From the next year, fertilizer dose of 800 gm nitrogen, 400 gm phosphorus, 400 gm potash per tree should be given by dividing it in 3 parts.
Water management - The guava tree can tolerate the water stress for a long time. But for new plantation depending on the type of soil, water should be provided at an interval of 10 to 15 days. Make two circles around the stem and give water in the outer circle. Water the plants at the interval of 10 to 15 days in summer and 20 days in winter. Increase the size of circle as the tree grows.
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