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Protect Your Cattle in Winter
During winter, animals show symptoms such as running nose, irritation of the eye, lack of appetite, shivering, etc. To avoid this, bind animals in a cottage shed in the evening so that they don't freeze with cold. • Make dry fodder available in the cattle shed. • If it is extremely cold, organize the burning fire to keep it warm; ensure that the smoke is properly evacuated. • In the cold atmosphere, animals need the energy to maintain their body temperature. And the lack of energy in the body can cause tremor. • Increase the energy source in animal feed in winter to prevent the milch cattle. In such an environment, the fertility capacity of animals’ increases by 10% to 20%; this is necessary to derive additional energy in the body. • The ruminant process helps animals to generate more energy and to save themselves from cold.
• In cold weather, the animals don't get enough energy; therefore, make gradual adjustments to their food. • During cold temperatures, feed cattle with 1 kg of maize and 100 gm. of bypass fat for extra energy. • Arrange appropriate and comfortable seating place for Calving. • Provide clean and fresh drinking water to the cattle. • Take special care of the calf and ensure the cattle shed is clean to prevent it from falling sick. Dr. Parag Ghogale, _x000D_ Animal Nutritionist _x000D_ Mobile no.: 9892099969
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