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Process for preparing vermicompost
• The vermicompost is a very useful and effective fertilizer. • You'll get 3 tons of vermicompost by using 10 tons of cow dung. • We first need polythene cover, 5 to 7 days old dung, crop residues, farm soil, neem leaves and water to prepare vermicompost. • Spread the polythene cover first over the surface of the soil. Whereupon spread 3 to 4 cm of thick layer of crop residue and neem leaves. And then spray the water over the top. • Then add the cow dung in a layer. Once again the layer is thoroughly sprinkled with water. • Then spread a layer of soil 3 to 4 cm thick. And you can create a layer by combining the dung and the soil. Once again the layer is completely sprinkled with water. • After that, you carefully place the earthworm and its eggs over the bed. • Spread the residue of the crop and cow dung with the soil as a layer and then sprinkle the water. • Vermicompost setup should be arranged in a shady spot. Hold 60 percent of the moisture content in bed. Source: - ZyTonic Haryana If you find the information helpful, like it and share it with your friends.
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