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Prepare Balanced Nutrition for your Cattle at Home
Balanced diet plays an important role in cattle health as it increases the ability to produce milk and keeps them healthy. Making a nutrient-rich diet is not a complex task and can be easily done at home. Read below to find out how to prepare a balanced diet for your cattle at home. Method for preparing a 100 kg balanced diet: • Cereals (maize, barley, wheat, millet) should be about 35% in quantity • Approximately 32 kg of mustard (mustard peel, peanut oil) should be blended with cereals • Approximately 35 kg of bran (wheat, gram, pulses, rice bran) • Mineral salt content up to 2 kg, salt 1 kg The above materials should be mixed and can be fed to the cattle. Quantity of balanced diet for consumption: • Feed 1.5 kg to cow and 2 kg to buffalo daily • Milch cow should be provided 400 gm feed per 1 litre of milk and buffalo 500 gm more grain per 1 litre of milk • A balanced feed of approximately 1 to 1.5 kg should be given to pregnant cow or buffalo every day for the next six months • For calves, 1 kg to 2.5 kg of balanced nutrition should be provided daily, depending on the cattle’s age and weight Source: Krishi Jagran
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