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Preparation of Bijamrita
Bijamrita / Beejamrutha is a treatment for plants, seedlings or any planting material. It is effective in protecting young roots from fungus along with soil-borne and seed-borne illnesses that frequently affect crops after the monsoon period. It is composed of similar ingredients as Jevamrutha: Take 20 litres of water, 5 kg of local cow dung, 5 litres of local cow urine, 50 gram lime & handful soil from the bund of farm. Preparation Method: • Take 5 kg local cow dung in a cloth and bound it by tape. Hang this in the 20 litre water up to 12 hours. • Take one-liter water and add 50 gm lime in it, let it stable for a night. • Then next morning, squeeze this bundle of the cow dung in that water thrice continuously, so that all essence of cow dung is accumulated in that water. • Add a handful of soil in that water solution and stir it well. • Finally add 5 litre deshi cow urine or human urine in that solution & add the limewater and stir it well.
Bijamrita Application: Add Bijamrita to the seeds of any crop as a seed treatment: coat them, mix them by hands; dry well and use for sowing. For leguminous seeds, just dip them quickly and let dry. Source: Zero Budget Farming by Mr. Subhash Palekar If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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