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Precautions to be taken during the use of Weedcides or Herbicides.
1) Weedcides or Herbicides recommended for the different crops have to be used in the prescribed proportion. 2) Expired Weedcides or Herbicides should not be used. While purchasing Weedcides or Herbicides, carefully check its manufacturing date & date of expiry. 3) For spraying Weedcides or Herbicides, use a seperate Napsack pump. 4) While spraying Weedcides or Herbicides, ensure that the soil is humid and grainy and free from lumps.
5) Spray Weedcides or Herbicides when there are no fast winds and there is no possibility of rain as well. 6) While spraying move backward so that your steps do not fall on the surface where Weedcides or Herbicides have been sprayed. 7) After spraying Weedcides or Herbicides like Glyphosate, do not carry out any type of cultivation activity in the fields for minimum 21 days. 8) Spray the Weedcides or Herbicides all over the field, with a uniform pressure. For even spraying use flatpan or floodjet nozzle. 9) While spraying the standing crops, take care that, other crops do not get unwanted spray. To achieve this use hood to properly focus the spray. 10) For the control of weeds, use the suitable Weedcides or Herbicides as per the situation, nature of weeds, climatic conditions. Avoid repeated and excess use of Weedcides or Herbicides. In the Soil sprayed with Weedcides or Herbicides, use vermicompost, compost manure.
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