Precautionary Measures for saving water
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Precautionary Measures for saving water
1) To maintain soil moisture, use water source system at the point of origin. 2) To use the available water economically, use micro irrigation system like drip and sprinkler irrigation. 3) Increase use of organic fertilizers to increase the water holding capacity of the soil. 4) Cover the fruit crops with plastic cover or dried leaves cover so that vaporization will be reduced and it will help to retain the moisture in the soil.
5) Depending on the growth of the crops, water requirement changes. Water should be given according to the needs of the crop at that time. 6) If water availability is less, then give water by alternate row method. It helps to maintain moisture within the soil / crops. 7) Follow hydroponic technique for fodder crops which require less water. 8) To prevent the stress of water on the fruit orchard, spray 8 % Kaolin solution or 1 to 2% Potassium Nitrate solution. 9) To protect the orchard from hot winds, plant or cultivate wind-resistant trees like Shevari and Suru on the west and south sides of the field.
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