PM- Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme: 5% beneficiaries will have physical verification!
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PM- Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme: 5% beneficiaries will have physical verification!
New Delhi. All efforts are being made to ensure transparency in the Prime Minister's Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme. Money in the account of wrong people is also being withdrawn. Another arrangement has been made to ensure that everything is clean. Now to verify the eligibility of the beneficiaries, there will be physical verification of 5 percent farmers. The Ministry of Agriculture has said that the process of verification will be done under the leadership of the District Collector. Therefore, if you are taking money with wrong information, then be careful. Either you will be caught in 5% physical verification or else money will be withdrawn from your account. The government is trying to get the money into the hands of the eligible people. There is a system at the district level for verification. The ministry wants the nodal officers of this scheme in the states to regularly monitor the verification process. An external agency may also be involved in this work if it is felt necessary. Only those who have received benefits will be verified. Government has withdrawn money from so many people As of December 2019, the government has withdrawn the money of the scheme from the accounts of 1,19,743 beneficiaries from eight states. Because the names of the beneficiaries and their given papers were not matching. Therefore, the process of transaction of money under the scheme has been made more difficult by modifying the transaction. The process of verification has been adopted so that such an event does not occur again. How will the verification happen? Aadhaar verification of beneficiaries data has also been made mandatory. If Aadhaar does not find similarity in the details received by the concerned agency, the concerned states or union territories will have to improve or change the information of those beneficiaries. This is how money is withdrawn on disturbances The Union Agriculture Ministry has written a letter to the states and said that if ineligible people get information about benefits, then their money will be refunded. According to the CEO of the plan, Vivek Agarwal, if there is such a big plan, then there is a possibility of disturbances. If money is transferred to the accounts of ineligible people, it will be withdrawn from Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). Banks will put this money in a separate account and return it to the state government. State governments will withdraw money from the ineligible and deposit it in The names of such people will be removed before the next installment is released. Know who will not get benefit (1) Former or present constitutional post holders,former ministers, mayors, district panchayat presidents, MLAs, MLCs, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs will not get money, even if they are farming. (2) Officers in the Central or State Government and farmers receiving more than 10 thousand pension are not benefited. (3) Professionals, doctors, engineers, CAs, lawyers, architects, whoever does farming, will not get any benefit. (4) Farmers who paid income tax in the last financial year will be deprived of this benefit. Source: - News 18, 5 July 2020 If you find the information useful, like it and share it with your farmer friends.
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