Part (II) Increase Crop Production through Beekeeping
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Part (II) Increase Crop Production through Beekeeping
Bee Nutrition Plan: • Arrange for nutritional content in your apiary before beekeeping. • They get their nutrition from pollen and nectar obtained from flowers. Therefore, beekeepers should first ensure the month in which honeybees receive pollen and nectar. • In the case on the unavailability of natural nectar, sugar solution as an artificial diet needs to be provided. • Bees receive pollen and nectar from Apricot, Mustard, Coriander, Fennel, Lemon, Litchi, Mangoes, Peanuts, Cucumber, Vegetables, Eucalyptus, Amla, Sunflower, Neem, Gulmohar, Jawar, Millet, Pomegranate, and so on. • If the flora is in the immediate vicinity, beekeepers should place wooden honeybees rearing box so that they can easily collect nectar and pollen.
Precaution:_x005F_x000D_ Hygen must be maintained around the place of beekeeping. Precautionary measures must be taken to keep predators, such as Large Wax Moths, Small Wax Moths, Lizards, Rats, Chameleons and Bears away._x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ Debt Management:_x005F_x000D_ The government has provided nationalized banks with loan facilities for this industry; loans up to Rs 2 to 5 lakhs may be available for this purpose._x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ Source - Mr. S. K. Tyagi_x005F_x000D_ If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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