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Only 5.50 Lakh Tonnes of Pulses Deal Between NAFED & State Governments
The central government decided in August to sell low-priced pulses to state governments, but despite the five months that have passed, the states have purchased only 5.50 lakh tonnes of pulses so far. The state government had decided to sell the pulses at wholesale rates of Rs. 15 per kg. on 9 August 2018. The stock of pulses is high in the central pool, whereas the demand from states is limited. Pulses cannot be kept in stock for a long time, so public companies will have to sell more in the open market. According to sources, NAFED has sold more than 1.2 million tonnes of pulses in the open market so far. In the NAFED states, the gram is sold at prices of Rs.4, 050 to 4,405 per quintal, while NAFED has obtained the support price of the gram at Rs. 4,620 a quintal.
Stock of 38 Million Tonnes of Pulses with NAFED - NAFED has an outstanding stock of approximately 38 lakh tonnes of pulses, while the current Kharif is obtained at the minimum support price of black gram, moong and pigeon pea pulses. Under the price sports scheme, NAFED has obtained 51.62 lakh tonnes of pulses in the last two years. In addition, the Indian Food Corporation (FCI) also has an outstanding stock of pulses. Source - Outlook Agriculture, 12 January 2019
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