Krishi VaartaPudhari
Onion prices rise across the country
New Delhi - Onion prices are on the rise in most of the states including the capital. In the retail market, onion is not available for below Rs 70-80. To restrict the prices of onion from rising any further, the central government is considering setting up a limit on the storage of onion in the warehouses of traders. As a result of the heavy rainfall in major onion producing regions including Maharashtra, the supply of onion in the market has declined significantly. Onion price in Delhi was Rs. 57/Kg, in Mumbai it was Rs. 56/kg, and in Kolkata, Rs. 60/kg. As the week progresses, onion prices are rising and now it is between Rs 70-80. The government has taken some measures to increase the supply. However, onion prices are not in control. Sources said the government will wait two to three days to see if the rates are coming under control. If this does not happen later, they will announce to the trader a decision to limit storage and limit it. References - Pudari, 23 September 2019
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