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One and half bigha land can be ploughed with 1 liter petrol by mini tractor, which costs Rs.30000 _x000D_
Human beings can make every impossible work possible. A four-year finalist (Abhishek Mall, Apeksha Singh, Shivani Singh and Gajendra Pandey) of the BIT's mechanical department of the Buddha Institute, Gorakhpur, has done something similar to these four students under the leadership of their guide, Dhirendra Kumar. We have made such a tractor that works at low cost. With the help of which farmers will be able to plough the field very easily. These students have named this model as a “mini tractor”. Their main motive behind making this tractor is to get farmers to do more farming at less cost. The total cost to build this tractor was 25 to 30 thousand rupees._x000D_ To plough 1 bigha area, it costs only Rs. 90, if you want to plough 1 bigha field with a normal tractor, then your expenditure will be around 400 to 500 rupees._x000D_ You can easily take this mini tractor to fields and orchards. This tractor has a 135 cc petrol engine, with a power of 13 hp. Students say that more than 65 to 70 percent of the families in our country depend on agriculture. Keeping this in mind and to make farming easier, we have taken these small steps. With the help of this mini tractor, farmers will be able to plough their fields and also edges around the fields with less area. The model of this mini tractor made by students of Buddha Institute of Gorakhpur has been selected as the second best model in a national level model competition held at IIT, BHU._x000D_ Source: - Krishi Jagaran, 21 April 2020_x000D_ If you find this information is useful to you, like it and share it with your farmer friends._x000D_ _x000D_
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