MSP will always be there: Tomar
Krishi VaartaKrushak Jagat
MSP will always be there: Tomar
New Delhi: Union Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar is clearing these doubts through various media. Mr. Tomar is appealing to the farmers to read the bill carefully. The law stated in the ordinances is beneficial to the farmers, in which they are ready to negotiate for redress by any means. Why were these bills necessary? Answer - Any manufacturer in the country has the freedom to sell his product anywhere. But agriculture is an area where farmers do not have the right to decide who will buy their produce. The farmers had to distribute their produce in the market. Many agricultural organizations and scholars demanded that farmers should have the freedom to sell their produce. What is market and open market? Answer - As more options open up, competition will increase. Which will free the farmer from the bondage of the market. Will the market end on its own? Answer: This bill gives the farmer freedom to sell produce outside the market. How will Mandi tax losses in states be repaid? Answer: To increase revenue in state mandis, if there is competition and convenient infrastructure, the revenue of mandals will be maintained. Why are farmers not given the option of going to court? Answer: Farmers can take a long time in courts. For that reason, the disputed cases will go to the SDM and the SDMs are bound to settle the dispute within 30 days. If the decision goes against the farmer, the farmer will have to return the money given by the contractor, while if the contractor is found guilty, he will have to pay 150% with the contract money. How can farmers trust a new trader? Answer: It is natural for the farmer not to directly trust the new trader. The farmer will be able to distribute the produce of his crop as he wishes. The farmer is prudent and will benefit from it.
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