Advisory ArticleAgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
Mrig bahar in orange and their measures
1. If you plant for the new orange orchard then please select well drain soil which is less than 10% of the limestone. If the limestone is more, then please use gypsum as soil amendment. 2. One should provide 50 days of water stress in the medium types of soil whereas in light soil the stress period should be 30 days. 3. Fertilizer management for orange is important, should be given 30 to 35 kg of organic manure for per plant. Chemical fertilizer 500 grams of nitrogen, 300 grams of phosphorus, 300 grams of Potash, along with 5 kg neem cake, 150 grams of zinc sulphate should be given per tree.
4. To get flowers, there should be plenty of moisture in orange orchard the in June-July, as well as drip irrigation can be more beneficial during this period. 5. The use of hormones is stop the growth of the orange tree. Source - AgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
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