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More profits can be achieved from pomegranate cultivation!
• Demand for pomegranate in the National and international market is high. Farmers can earn more profit by cultivating it. • The best time to transplant pomegranate is February-March and July-August. • Pits are prepared one month in advance for transplanting pomegranate plants. • April to May is the appropriate time to prepare pits. • The size of the pit should be 75 * 75 * 75 cm length * width * depth. • Leave the pit open for one to one and a half months after it is ready, due to which fungi and pests present in the soil will get destroyed. • In the first week of June, fill the pits with soil before filling it treat the soil. Dissolve Carbendazim 1 gram in 1 liter of water and fill the pit with 4 to 5 liters per pit. • Trichoderma 25 grams, PSB culture 25 grams, Azatobacter 25 grams and 15 grams of Pseudomonas mixed with manure and soil and fill the pits. • Gap between two pomegranate plants should be 3 meters and 4 meters from row to row. • We should select varieties according to market demand such as saffron. Whose market demand is high. • Drip irrigation is suitable for pomegranate cultivation. Fertilizers can be given easily through drip. • Can start mixed crop in the beginning. • Make proper management of diseases and pests. • 300 plants can be planted for one acre, yielding 25 kg per plant. Source: - AgroStar Agronomy Center of Excellence If you find the information given in the video useful, then like it and share it with all your farmer friends.
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