Monsoon arrived in Kerala
Weather UpdateAgriculture Weather Expert - Shri. Ramchandra Sable
Monsoon arrived in Kerala
The air pressure will be as low as 998 hecto pascal around Delhi.Therefore the winds will blow fast from south to north.The air pressure will be as low as 1000 hecto Pascal at Kashmir.The air pressure will be low on Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana, too.The air pressure on central India will be 1002 and as the air pressure will be similarly low on the eastern part of Maharashtra, the winds entering from south east, will blow above Maharashtra’s eastern part and central India towards north India.All this is indication of monsoon progressing fast.The air pressure will be as low as 1004 hecto Pascal on Gujarat, Konkan, Western Maharashtra. The air pressure will further drop on
3rd and 4th June.The air pressure will be as low as 996 hecto Pascal in Delhi,Punjab,Haryana and Rajasthan area. As the air pressure on Maharashtra will be as low as 1002 hecto Pascal, monsoon will progress further rapidly. Monsoon might arrive early this year than usual. Dr. Ramchandra Sable (Senior Agricultural Climate expert )
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