Methods to increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizers
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Methods to increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizers
● Fertilizers should never be thrown on the soil. They should be applied only when the soil has appropriate moisture. ● Fertilizers should be applied under the seeds at the time of sowing. ● Coated fertilizers/brickets/super granules should be used. These should be used with urea and neem cakes in the proportion of 1:5. ● Fertilizers should be given in phases during the sensitive stages of crop growth. ● Liquid fertilizers should be given through micro irrigation. ● For cereal crops, fertilizers should be given in the proportion of 4:2:2:1(Nitrogen: Phosphorus: Potash: Sulphur) and for pulses they should be applied in the proportion of 1:2:1:1. ● The pH of soil should be maintained between 6.5 to 7.5 by regular use of organic fertilizers. ● For protection of soil, maintain the soil health by taking up soil conservation, organic farming, and integrated chemical and organic farming. This is the need of hour.
Reference – AgroStar Agronomy Center of Excellence.