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Method to prepare bordeaux mixture
Required components - Copper sulphate, slaked lime and water. Method to prepare bordeaux mixture - • For preparing a solution of 1%, finely ground Copper sulphate 1 kg, slaked lime 1 kg and 100 liters of water • First soak finely ground 1 kg of Copper sulphate in 50 liters of water overnight. In another vessel add 1 kg of slaked lime in 50 liters of water for dissolving. • Stir both the solutions at a regular intervals. Let both the components dissolve completely and then pour both the solutions in a third vessel simultaneously. Stir continuously while pouring the solutions. • After both the solutions are mixed completely, prepared bordeaux mixture of light blue colour can be seen in the vessel.
Testing before use - • For testing, immerse iron nail in the solution for 0.5 to 1 minute. After that if a reddish layer does not appear on the immersed part, the solution is fit for spraying. Precautions to be taken - • Always use a plastic vessel for preparing the solution. • The solution should be used immediately within 24 hours of preparation. • While preparing solution, ensure that both the components are dissolved completely in it. Both the solutions should be cold at the time of mixing. In this way, bordeaux mixture can be used for controlling fungal diseases.
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