Measures to prevent poisoning while spraying pesticides
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Measures to prevent poisoning while spraying pesticides
Some farmers lost their lives in Yavatmal due to poisoning while spraying pesticides. Though there are many reasons behind it, it is necessary to be very careful while using pesticides.
Reasons behind poisoning:_x000D_ • Currently, the climate in Vidarbha is hot and there is harsh sun light. At many places the cotton is sowed in lines, so cotton plants have grown up to 4 to 6 feet. As the crop is dense, there is no ventilation and good sun light. As a result, the micro environment in the crops is suitable for sucking pest. It is difficult even to walk in the dense cotton plants. So it becomes very difficult to spray the pesticides._x000D_ • The spraying solution enters the nose, skin and eyes and leads to poisoning._x000D_ • While spraying in hot and humid climate, the body is always damp due to sweat and the insecticide solution. _x000D_ • Some people work as labour for spraying. So they are always in the contact of insecticides._x000D_ • In dense cotton, the lance of the pump can not be easily moved downwards, so there are chances that the spray solution might splash on the face and can lead to poisoning._x000D_ • Not using proper method for spraying can increase the possibility of poisoning. (e.g. spraying against the direction of wind, spraying in the hot conditions and mixing tobacco while spraying. _x000D_ Precautions to be taken while handling insecticides:_x000D_ • Spray 5% neem extract @5ml/liter of water, in the early stages of crop so that the infestation of pests does not increase._x000D_ • Spraying should be done in the morning or evening. As wind speed is less at that time, the solution does not fall on the body. _x000D_ • The labors who spray the solutions frequently, should use safety gears. _x000D_ • If symptoms like headache, nausea and giddiness are observed after coming in contact with the insecticides, visit the hospital immediately._x000D_ • Insecticides of only reputed companies should be purchased. The information on the labels should be read and followed._x000D_ • The insecticides should be kept away from children._x000D_ • Take water in a plastic bucket and mix required and recommended dose of insecticide by measuring it. Stir well with a stick and make a spraying solution required for the target area.
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