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Measures for Papaya Harvest and Storage
After 10 - 12 months of planting, papaya is prepared for harvesting. The maturity sign can be detected by following characteristics: • The fruit turns yellow when it ripens. • Sticky gum is discharged; it can be assumed that papaya is ready for harvest. • The area around the fruit stem turns yellow. • The fruit should be harvested together with the stem. Fully mature or ripe fruit should be sent to the local market to be sold. • After harvesting, the fruit should be graded according to its size.
• Clean the fruit and wrap it with paper and cover the basket with branches or hay. This basket does not contain more than 8 to 10 fruits._x000D_ • First three years witness maximum production and post that there is a decline and does not offer much profit_x000D_ Storage: Papaya can best be stored at 20º C, which leads to better maturation, but fruits can be affected by fungal infection in case of high temperatures. Reference - Agrostar Agronomy Center Excellence
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