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Management of reddening in Cotton
Reddening in cotton leaves is a plant disease. At the edges, the leaves begin to turn red and slowly become reddish and turn dry and start to drop. Control Measures - 1) It is used for chemical fertilisers, compost, green manure, bio-fertiliser, increases the availability of nutrients in the soil. It also increases water efficiency and micronutrients. 2) Before seed sowing, azatobacter seed treatment should be done 30 gm per kg 3) Divide the quantity of nitrous fertilisers and apply urea by 2% and spray it while pod time. 4) Follow crop rotation.
5) Before soil testing, give dose of chemical fertilisers according to the soil. 6) Apply 8 kg of Magnesium Sulphate per acre. 7) Spray 30 gram per pump with 0.2% Magnesium Sulphate at the time of flowering. 8) Proper management of sucking pest and disease should followed. 9) Irrigation should be done to the crops as per the requirement. Agrostar Agronomy Centre Excellence
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