Management of Pod Borer in Gram Crop
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Management of Pod Borer in Gram Crop
Generally, a pod borer attack is observed at the flowering stage of the gram crop Strong growth of roots, rapid growth of buds and a high number of soft leaves are some of the favourable symptoms of pod borer outbreaks. Read the biological measures below for the control of pod borer. Solution: • Crop rotation needs to be performed to control this pest. • On the field, there should be 5 pheromone traps from the ground. • As soon as the adult moth is caught in the trap, spray 5% neem extract. Use a sticker in the neem extract to spread on all canopies. • By applying light traps in the field to one acre during the required period, these pests can be controlled. • In the field, install 3-4 ‘T’ parches in 1 acre of land. This allows the birds to sit in on it and control the pests in a natural way. • For the biological control of the pest, spray HANPV 250 L.EG dissolved in 200 litre of water. Source: AgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumb impression below the photo and share it with your farmer friends through the options below.
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