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LPG-powered pump set will reduce the cost of irrigation, know its specialty
For the last few days, diesel prices have increased significantly. Due to which the farmers and common man are upset. At present, transplanting of paddy is going on. For which water is required in the fields. For this, farmers are running engines for day and night. In such a situation, the cost of farmers is bound to increase. Meanwhile, a farmer has used new technology. By which the cost of irrigation in the fields can be reduced. In fact, 42-year-old farmer Sarvesh Kumar Verma, who lives in Jhanjhara village of Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, has devised a new technology. People from all over the village are coming to see this technique. When a farmer living in a small village got upset with the rising prices of diesel. She then developed the technology to run a diesel-powered pump set with LPG gas. This not only saves money. Rather, it also gets rid of the smoke coming out of the pump set. What is new technology The farmer has run a diesel driven pumping set with LPG gas. This pump set can be easily operated by LPG gas. For example, regulators are used in LPG gas cylinders. In the same way, the pumping set is run by placing the pipe in the regulator in the slator of the pumping set by placing it in the gas cylinder. Farming can be done easily by this. The farmer says that the pumping set consumed diesel at the rate of 1 liter per hour. The price of which is going 73 rupees per liter these days. But with the help of this technology, the hourly rate is about 27 to 30 rupees according to the expenditure of about 20 rupees. It costs Rs 7 per 100 grams of diesel and 300 to 400 grams of LPG gas. In this way, savings of about 50 rupees are made. The farmer says that the pumping set also stops giving smoke when run with gas. This reduces the risk of pollution. Source: - Krishi Jagaran, 7 July 2020 If you find the information useful, then like it and share it with your farmer friends.
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