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Little Cotton Plant on Moon Dies!
The cotton plant, planted by the Chinese spacecraft ChangE-4, was destroyed for the first time on the dark side of the moon. The plant died at night temperatures of -170 degrees Celsius. The plant grew well in the sunlight. Let's say one night is two weeks on the moon. During this time, the temperature falls. On January 3, China sent cotton, potato and mustard seeds to the spacecraft ChangE-4. There was no development among other plants, but cotton could survive on the moon. However, scientists have projected that potatoes and mustard seeds may germinate. China became the first country to plan a plant on the moon. The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) released a photograph showing the emergence of cotton seeds. The chief scientist of this project, Xie Gengxin, said, "We anticipated the plant's early death because it was impossible for a plant to survive at night.” The chief scientist of this project, Xie Gengxin said, "We had anticipated early death of the plant because it was impossible for a plant to survive at night."
Moon Continued to Remain Unaffected Plants and seeds will be decomposed on the moon, and this will not adversely affect the moon atmosphere. According to Gengxin, the first experiment with a plant on the moon was sent in the ChangE-4, an 18 cm box filled with water and mud. The fruit fly eggs and yeast were also sent to this compartment. There were two small cameras with a heat control system to capture germination seeds. Source - Dainik Bhaskar, 17 January 2019
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