Lint Soybean Prices will continue to Rise
Krishi VaartaAgrowon
Lint Soybean Prices will continue to Rise
Mumbai: In many parts of the country, the commodity market has changed due to drought in this region and excessive rainfall during this time of crop harvest. Agricultural produce prices have increased in the international market. Therefore, the increase in most agricultural produce prices will be constant in 2020. Soybean prices will continue to rise and soybeans will be able to raise Rs.5200, this is anticipated by commodity market analysts that could go up. It was difficult for the agricultural sector in the country for both the years of 2018 and 2019. In2019, most of the prices were raised due to adverse weather, the production of cotton and soybean crops and the increasing demand of both commodities from the livestock industry will increase the rate of Saraki and soyabeans. With the trend of soybean price hike, Quintal will get Rs. 5,200 is likely to go. Other oilseeds are likely to rise due to the soybean sales rate. Source: Agrowon, 6 January 2020
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