Light trap protects crops from pests!_x000D_
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Light trap protects crops from pests!_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_
The light trap protects crops from pests. Agricultural scientists have advised all farmers to use these traps to control various harmful pests that cause damage to crops._x000D_ Light trap is mainly used to trap insects that are active at night, insects that get attracted to light get trapped in water filled in the tubs under the trap, Which are expelled and destroyed every day. This trap can also be used to monitor pest population in crops. It is a helpful tool to monitor and control the outbreak of pests that cause economic damage in crops._x000D_ Can be used for the control of pests like Tomato fruit borer, Brinjal fruit borer, Tobacco caterpillar, beetles, Leaf Miner insect, Maize Stem borer, Paddy stem borer, leaf folder, sugarcane stem borer, pyrilla insect etc._x000D_
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