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Lifecycle of Maize Fall Armyworm
1. The fall armyworm (FAW), Spodoptera frugiperda, a devastating insect-pest, has been identified for the first time in the Indian subcontinent. 2. Native of the Americas, the pest is known to eat over 80 plant species, with a particular preference for maize, a main staple crop around the world.
3. The adult moths have two pairs of wings, Forewings are brown in colour and hindwings are opaque and white in colour. 4. The moth has a wingspan of about 1-3/4 inches. Armyworms overwinter as partially grown larvae in grasses or small grain fields. 5. When warm temperatures return, armyworm starts feeding. Armyworms may move onto maize during this period. Source: Genomics Lab If you found this video useful, click on the yellow thumb to Like. Also, don't forget to Share it with your farmer friends!
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