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Life Cycle of Tuta Absoluta
• This pest is emerging as the biggest problem in tomato production in the world. This pest causes 50% to 100% loss in crop yield and quality of fruits. • The main nutrient of this pest is Indian beans in potato, brinjal, and pulses crops. It spreads to tomatoes.
• Egg - Its eggs are elliptical, and colour varies from oyster-white to bright yellow, darkening in the embryonic phase and becoming almost black near eclosion. • Larva - The first-instar larvae are whitish soon after eclosion, becoming greenish or light pink in the second to fourth instars according to food (leaflet or ripe fruit, respectively). There are usually four instars. • Pupa - Pupae are obtecta with greenish coloration at first, turning chestnut brown and dark brown near adult emergence. • Adult - Adult moths are about 10 mm long, with silverish-grey scales, filiform antenae, alternating light or dark segments and recurved labial palps which are well developed. Source: Koppert Biological Systems
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