Insect Life CycleLiaquat Ali Teewno Sugarcane IPM
Life Cycle of Top Shoot Borer in Sugarcane Crop
• It is a major insect pest in sugarcane, and mainly infests young plants. • Up to 50% loss in crops is observed as a result. • Penetrates inside by piercing the top of the plants and damages by eating the pulp within.
• Female moth lays 300– 400 eggs. The eggs are laid in groups under surface of the leaves at the edge of the middle rib. The eggs are creamy white in colour. • After one week, larvae emerges from the eggs and it initiates the damaging to the stem near the base of the sugarcane stem by entering inside. The larvae has a life span of about three weeks. • Larvae damages inside the inside of stem and makes tunnels inside the cane; after that, the larvae goes into a pupal stage. • After 7 to 9 days of aging, it grows to an adult insect. • To manage the pest, spray monocrotophos 36% SL @ 800 ml with 300 litres of water per acre. Source: Liaquat Ali Teewno Sugarcane IPM If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumb impression below the photo and share it with all your farmer friends through the options below.
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