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Life Cycle of Potato Tuber Moth
Host Plants: Potato, Tomato, Brinjal, Tobacco etc. Identification: - Fully grown larvae measures about 15-20 mm in length. It is elongated and is light green in colour with its head brown. Adult moths are brown in colour.
Symptoms of Damage: - Larva of this insect is harmful. This insect damages the potato both in the warehouses as well as in fields. Larvae bore into tubers that are stored in warehouses and then feed inside the tubers and leave the excreta on the surface of affected tubers. In field we can easily identify the presence of the moth by the symptoms. Control measures: • Use healthy and certified tuber as seed material, do not choose the tubers with black spots around the eye. • The crop should be sown on or before 15 November. • If earthing up and irrigation is not carried out in the right time, it leads to the cracking of the soil and through these larva bore into the soil and damage the tubers. • Harvest the tubers when 75 percent of the leaves dry. • Select healthy tubers and store them in warehouses on which spread sand as a layer of 25 cm thickness. Sand layer should be thick so that the females cannot lay eggs on the tubers. Source:Victoria Naorem Like and Share this important information with your farmer friends!
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