Insect Life CycleICAR-CISH, Lucknow.
Life Cycle of Mango Stem Borer
It is an occasional but very serious pest of mango found all over the country. Amlet and Mulgoas are highly susceptible varieties. Also attacks fig, rubber, jack, eucalyptus etc. These beetles emerge in July-August. Incidence was more when Moderate temperature and moderate humidity prevailing during September-October. Life Cycle: Eggs are laid singly on bark and incubation period is 7-13 days. Larval period and pupal period is ranged from 140-160 days. Pupation inside the tunnel, it takes about 20-25 days. The adult emerges in about 120 -270 days. There is only one generation of the pest in a year.
Management: _x000D_ Keep the orchards clean. _x000D_ Mechanically remove the grubs from the infected trunk holes by using iron wire/hook. _x000D_ Prune and destroy affected branches _x000D_ Clean the holes and insert cotton wick soaked in a solution of 0.5% Dichlorvos 76 EC (5 ml/litre) and close the holes with mud plaster._x000D_ _x000D_ Source: ICAR-CISH, Lucknow. _x000D_ If you like this information, Like and share with nearby farmers._x000D_
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