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Life cycle of maize stem borer
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Life cycle of maize stem borer
Maize stem borer (Chilo partellus) is one of the major threatening global pests of the maize crop. Lets know deep about this insect. _x000D_ Egg: - Eggs are flat oval and creamy white in color. At initial stages eggs appear in pearly white in color and then finally turn darker in colour. Egg hatches in 4-7 days._x000D_ Larvae: - The larva was found yellowish brown with a brown head. Larval period lasts for about 29-36 days._x000D_ Pupae: - The pupae were pale brown with cylindrical shape. Pupal period lasts for 11-12 days._x000D_ Adult: - Male moth was dark brown in colour with pale brown forewings and pale yellow hindwing while the female hind wing was much lighter than that of male. Adult stage lasts for 8-9 days. _x000D_ _x000D_ Symptoms of damage:_x000D_ Larvae bores into stem to cause “dead heart”_x000D_ Central shoot withers due to internal feeding of larva._x000D_ Young larva crawls and feeds on tender folded leaves causing typical “shot hole” symptoms._x000D_ _x000D_ Management:_x000D_ Collection and destruction of stubbles and stalks should be practiced._x000D_ Deep ploughing should be done._x000D_ Infested plant parts or infested plants should be removed from the field._x000D_ Grow soybean as intercrop in maize crop to reduce the infestation._x000D_ For one acre spray Dimethoate 30.00% EC @ 264 ml or Thiamethoxam 12.60%+Lambda-cyhalothrin 09.50% ZC @ 50 ml per 200 liters of water._x000D_ Source: Agrostar Agronomy centre of excellence_x000D_ If you feel this information is useful to you, then click on the like button and share this with your farmer friends._x000D_
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