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Life cycle of Brinjal shoot and fruit borer:
Fruit and shoot borer is a major and regular pest of brinjal causing damage to even 30 -50% of fruits or more. Let’s see the stages of this pest and ways to control it. Egg: Female adult moth lays eggs underneth the leaves and on flower buds. Eggs are creamy white in colour. Egg stage lasts for 3 -5 days. Larvae: Larvae looks pink in colour. This stage lasts for 12-15 days. Larva usually bores into shoots and fruits. After hatching, larvae bores into the shoots and fruits and feed inside. Pupae: Pupae lasts on the ground over the dried leaves. This stage last for 6-17 days. Pupae is greyish in colour with boat shaped. Adult: Medium sized moth. Forewings has black and brown patches and dots on white colour, hind wings are opaescent with black dots. Female adult moth lays about 250 eggs.
Symptoms of damage: • Withering of terminal shoots/dead hearts • Bore holes on shoots and fruits plugged with excreta • Shedding of flower buds • Withering and drying of leaves Management: • Remove and destroy the affected plants. • Remove the affected fruits and destroy them. • Install pheromone trap@ 5- 6 per acre. • Spray neemastram when you found eggs of the insect on plants. • Perform deep summer ploughing. • Spray Thiacloprid 21.70% SC@ 300ml or Thiodicarb 75% WP@ 400 gm or Cypermethrin 3%+Quinalphos 20% EC@ 160 ml par 200 liter water Source: Agrostar Agronomy Centre of Excellence If you find this information is useful to you, like it and share it with your farmer friends.
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