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Life Cycle Lemon Butterfly
Lemon butterfly is a severe pest that occurs in citrus family horticultural crop. Caterpillars feed voraciously on light green tender leaves and leave only the mid-ribs. Severe infestation leads to the entire tree’s defoliation. Identification: • Eggs: Incubation period of eggs is 2-3 days, yellowish creamy in colour, female butterfly lays eggs singly, mostly on under surface of tender leaves and on tender twigs. • Larva: Larval period is up to 8-9 days. This pest goes through 4 larval stages in its life cycle. • Early Stage: Larva resembles bird dropping. Grown up larva are cylindrical, stout, green, and brown lateral bond. • Pupal Stage: After completion of larval period it goes into pupal period up to 10-12days • Adult: Adult period is up to one week; it is dark brown swallowtail butterfly with numerous yellow marking on wings. Management: • Hand pick larvae and destroy it. • Field release of parasitoids Trichogramme evanescens and Telenomus sp on eggs of Brachymeria sp larvae and Pterolus sp pupae.
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