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Let’s know, damage of some insect pests remotely; Without entering in the field !!!!!!!!
• For accurate diagnosis, it is advisable to check 10-15 plants randomly. However, some of the pests can be identified even from a distance. Let us know about such pests……… • Cotton field is shining by seeing from the long distance; it could be due to heavy infestation of aphids. Most of the canopy/ leaves are curled off; the reason is a heavy attack of jassids. Due to the attack of pink bollworm, large numbers of rosette flowers are seen from a long distance. • Looking at the mango & chiku orchard from a distance, if some of the leaves have faded and leaves look gray instead of green, it can be said that there is attack of leaf folder/tent caterpillars/ leaf webber. If the ground surface is turn black, then the mango hopper done its job. • In groundnut, if plants are dying in patches or circular way, then it could be due to the termites while plants are dying continuous in the same raw than it’s due to the white grubs. • By seeing from the long distance, if the growing wheat plants seem to be drying up, assume that the cause is termites. • If most of the plants are defoliated and leafless when viewed from a distance in castor field, then cent percent, it’s due to the leaf eating caterpillar/ semilooper. If spikes are seen to be drying, it is estimated that there is heavy damage caused by the capsule borers. • While looking at the field of pigeon pea from a long distance and if there is not a single flower on some of the plants and looks grey, then it could be sterility mosaic transmitted by mites. • Looking at the maize field from a distance, if most of the plants look stunted and perforated, it can be attributed to the falls armyworm. If the number of birds (parrots) flying around the field suddenly increases during the cob formation stage, then it is said that bird started damage to our cobs. • If some of the panicles of paddy appear white when viewed from a distance, the infestation of stem borer has increased. If paddy plants are drying up and appear to be growing in a circular shape, then the paddy hoppers are responsible for it. • If you look at the chickpea field from a distance and suddenly see more birds flying over the field, it can be assumed that the infestation of pod borer has increased. • Looking at bajra/ sorghum from a distance, if most of the plants die or wither, it can be said that the infestation of shoot fly has increased tremendously. • Looking at the sugarcane field from a distance, if some of the leaves turn yellow and dry out, it can be estimated that infestation of the pyrilla has increased. For confirmation, walk over the field boundaries and if there is a cracking sound, we can say cent percent about this pest. • If young plants of mustard having perforated leaves and some are defoliated, it can be said that it is due to mustard sawfly larvae. Source : AgroStar Agronomy Center of Excellence. Like and share this useful information with more and more farmer friends.
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