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Know which tractor is better for farmers!
Most of the farmers in India belong to middle class families. There is always a choice of better tractors in front of these farmers. It is always in the minds of these farmers how many HP tractors are there and which tractor to buy. Things to be considered while purchasing tractors and how they can be properly used. First of all, we will talk about farmers who have about 5 to 10 acres of land. Such farmers should buy at least 35 to 40 HP tractors. At the same time, farmers work in only two seasons throughout the year, so they make it stand at their home. A straw-making machine from grass and millet crops, can be used with tractors. This will help farmers to make straw. To run this, it is necessary to have a 40 HP tractor. Now let's talk about the tractors used by middle class farmers. Middle-class farmer tractors are provided with tractor plank, which are used to level the fields. Through hydraulic system pillars dug in the ground can be lifted. A tractor of at least 50 to 55 hp is required for such works. Now we will know about what kind of tractors are needed for big farmers. These farmers use tractors for farming as well as in their other works. While digging the fields, farmers shift soil from one place to another through trolley and these are filled with manures and lifted through hydraulic due to lack of laborers.In such a way many types of work are easily done by hydraulic system. At the same time, tractors of 6 0-70 HP will be used to put more heavy implants in the tractor. Source: -11 May 2020 Krishi Jagran, If you find this information is useful to you, like it and share it with your farmer friends..
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