Know the easiest and right way to maintain a tractor!
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Know the easiest and right way to maintain a tractor!
The tractor performs all agricultural operations, it can be used for all activities like transportation, ploughing, sowing, puddling with heavy rotavator. All these operations can be carried out efficiently with this. That is why the importance of taking care of the tractor also increased greatly. In such a situation, let us know what is the proper time and way to take proper care of the tractor so that the agricultural activities can be continued smoothly without decreasing the capacity of the tractor. 1. Battery Care: - The level of distilled water should be maintained. Never add acid. Make sure the top of the battery is clean, dry, free of dirt. Examine the knuckles and clamps of the battery, if necessary, tide the clamp and inspect, it should be free from tide and rust and apply grease to it. Never overcharge the battery. The batteries should be inspected and maintained once in a month. Regular charging of voltage in the battery should be checked. 2. Regular checking of alternator: - The alternator generates current and continuously charges the battery which is required for the electrical backup of the battery, which has a capacity of 12 volts 33 amperes. Check the fan belt regularly. In case of loosening, the alternator should be pushed back and tightened. In case the fan welt is loose, the battery is not constantly charged, which reduces the battery backup. 3. Regular inspection of starter motor: - The starter motor starts the engine by rotating the engine crank shaft. It has a capacity of 12 volts and 2.7 kW. All the bolts should be well tightened which should be checked regularly. In case of loose volts, it is difficult to start the tractor. Check the carbons of the starter regularly, in case of carbon wear we feel a lot of trouble in starting a tractor. 4. General maintenance of electrical system: - All the electric equipment of the tractor is connected to the electrical system of the tractor. For example headlight, indicator, alternator, starter motor, horn, etc. Check the cable regularly. Fuse burning condition, high fuse should be used. It should only be replaced if the wire is damaged. 5. Engine Maintenance: - Necessary instructions in case of using the engine - For the tractor to work effectively and for a long life, follow all instructions during the initial 50 hours. Do not load when the engine is cold. Do not overload the engine. Run the engine at half speed for 10 minutes to achieve normal operating temperature, load on the engine only after maintaining the temperature The correct temperature of the engine is required to run the engine continuously at full load.
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