Know and identify: pigeon pea pod borers and do control
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Know and identify: pigeon pea pod borers and do control
 Most of the farmers will have pigeon pea crop in flowering/ pod formation stage.  At this stage, four types of caterpillars are damaging to flowers & pods.  Green pod borer (Helicoverpa) is known to the farmers; these caterpillars burrow the pods and feed on growing seeds. Sometimes, also damaging to flowers.  Pod fly larva enters into the pods and feed seeds by making holes on them.  Larva of plume moth initially scrapes the pods and later enters into pods damaging to seeds.  Spotted caterpillar making a bunch of flowers & pods and feeds on the seeds.  Damage is so severe in late maturing varieties.  Cluster type of pod’s setting varieties is more prevalent to damage by these larvae.  Install pheromone traps for green pod borer at flowering stage,  Arrange at least one light trap in field on initiation of flowering.  Spray neem base pesticides on initiation of pests.  If available, spray HaNPV for green caterpillar control.  Spray Bt powder (bacterial base) @ 15 g or Bouveria bassiana (fungus base) @ 40 g per 10 lit of water and take advantage of biopesticides.  On increasing the damage, spray emamectin benzoate 5 SG @ 3 g or thiodicarb 75 WP @ 20 g or chlorantraniliprole 18.5 SC @ 3 ml or flubendiamide 20 WG @ 5 g or chlorpyriphos 50% + cypermethrin 5% EC @ 10 ml or profenophos 40% + cypermethrin 4% EC @ 10 ml per 10 lit of water and get protection against these pod borers.  Change insecticides at each spray.  Do not spray monocrotophos on crop, if it is grown for green vegetable purpose.
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