Know about soluble fertilizers and their properties!_x000D_
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Know about soluble fertilizers and their properties!_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_
19:19:19: - This fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in equal proportion. It is mainly used for the vegetative growth in the early stages. Compatible with almost all chemicals that is used for crop protection. Suitable for cereals, vegetables, fruits and legumes._x000D_ 12: 61: 0: - This fertilizer contains less amount of nitrogen and high amount of phosphorus. It is soluble in water. This fertilizer is used for the development of roots and as well as fruits. Compatible with all soluble fertilizers except calcium-containing fertilizers. Suitable for vigorous growth of new roots as well as to increase flowering._x000D_ 0:52:34: - This fertilizer is used before and after flowering. This fertilizer is used for proper ripening of fruits and gives rich colour to them. This soluble fertilizer contains 52% phosphorus and 34% potash. Suitable for attractive colour development of flowers and fruits. Calcium can be mixed with this fertilizer._x000D_ 13: 0: 45: - It contains less nitrogen and more potash. This fertilizer is required at the time of harvest / fruit ripening. Spraying is done during fruit set and development. This increases the size of the fruit and the sugar content in it._x000D_ 0: 0: 50: - It contains 50% potash and 18% sulphur. Provides resistance to pests and diseases. It also helps to withstand water stress. Sugar content, quantity, size, quality of the fruit is improved. _x000D_ _x000D_
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