Integrated pest management in gram
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Integrated pest management in gram
• If pod eating larvae pests have been the main reason for loss of the crop in earlier season, then avoid sowing of gram in the same field. To avoid that in the Kharif season, gram should be harvested in the fields of millet, sorghum or groundnut. • Before sowing, undertake two shifts of land tilling in summer, so that the pod eating larvae are forced out to the surface due to the deep tilling and they are destroyed by the heat of the sun and eaten by the birds. • The after crops, vegetation and wild grass must be burnt. • Use the recommended varieties for sowing Eg. Vijay, Digvijay, Jackie, Virat • Before sowing, the seeds should be processed with 4-5 gm of Trichoderma or Carbendazim 1.5 to 2 gm per kg. This will help in warding off crops initially from deadly diseases and ensure that the crops are protected. • Wheat, Linseed or mustard, coriander should be taken as inter crops as these reduce the infestation of pod eating larvae.
• Keep the gram crop planted and weeded till it is one month old. • If any fully grown larvae are noticed they should be destroyed by crushing them and throwing them in kerosene mixed in water. • Control the infestation of the pod eating larvae by erecting 4 hay traps made of bamboo per acre. • Use 5% neem extract as per recommendation to spray on predators or parasitic insects, which will effectively control the losses due to the pod eating larvae. Agrostar Agronomy Center Excellence 28 November 18
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