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Advisory ArticleAgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
Integrated pest management in cotton
• Plough deeply in summer as that helps to destroy dormant stage of bollworm. Do not make heap of crop wastes in the farm and burn it before the month of June. • Collect neem seeds and dry them for making neem extract. • To control mealy bugs, remove weeds like Parthenium hysterophorus,ablemosechus manibot,Vernonia Anthelmintica, Datura niger etc. from the bunds of farm. • Cultivate maize, Marigold, Castor, Cowpea around the cotton farm. • Cultivate Pigeon Pea (Tur), Green gram, Soybean as intercrop in the cotton farm. It helps to increasing natural enemies activity on boll worm.
• Spread eggs of insect called Trichogramma chilonis in the farm as soon as you find boll worm eggs in the farm or on 2 days - 45th and 55th days. • Spray Verticillium lecanii @40 gm/ 10 liters of water to control sucking pests. • Install perches in the farm for birds. • Install 4 pheromone traps/acre in the farm and measure the number of bollworm moths so that level of financial loss can be determined. Reference - Agrostar Agronomy Center Excellence
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