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Integrated Pest Management in Brinjal Crop!_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_
Keep the farm clean and tidy. Never raise brinjal crops in the field where the brinjal crop was grown last year. For every two rows of brinjal, plant one row of coriander or fennel. Install pheromone traps @ 4 to 5 per acre after 2 weeks of transplanting. If necessary, install 10 to 12 pheromone traps at 10–10 meters per acre and keep changing lure after 15 days. Remove and discard the diseased twigs. Trichocard @ 1 per acre should be arranged at a distance of 4–5 m after 21 days till the end of harvest. Mix 250 grams of Trichoderma viride in three kilograms of compost and leave it for about seven days. After seven days, mix it in the soil in 3 square meter beds. Popular hybrids like F1-321 should be sown in beds in the first week of July. Before sowing, the seed should be treated with Trichoderma virdi @ 4 g / kg of seed. Weeding should be carried out periodically, infected and diseases plants should be taken out of the nursery. Source: - Agrostar Agronomy Center of Excellence If you feel this information is useful to you, like it and share this with your friends.
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