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Important points to consider while selecting goats
Goats should be bought on the advice of a veterinary expert. It is better to buy a goat which has already had an offspring. • While selecting a breed, it is better advisable to buy a breed of goat that breeds twins. Factors such as age, number of kids bred, quantity of milk etc. must be taken into consideration while selecting a dairy goat. The milk giving goat should not be fat and dull. It should be agile. • Since the success of goat rearing is dependent on the reproduction of the goat and used for breeding, it is recommended that right breeds of goat are selected for goat rearing.
• The selected goat should be large bodied. It must have a slender neck. Head to toe length is an important characteristic. The hair should appear soft and shiny. The build should be large. • As far as possible, buy a goat which is a year or two old (and which has two to four teeth). The legs should be straight and muscular and the hooves (heels) should be tall. Strong feet are useful to cover the distances during grazing. It is recommended that a thorough check of the udder, while buying a goat. It should be checked that it does not have udder irritation. A milk producing goat should be milked. Factors like quality of milk, quantity of milk and whether there is swelling of the udder must be thoroughly checked. Buy the kid of a healthy goat which gives ample amount of milk. The kids should be free of diseases and free of parasitic insects. Source: Agrowon If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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