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Important Cotton cultivation techniques in this cotton season.
Cotton growing regions of the country are ready for the upcoming cotton cultivation season. Farmers must know about the proper management and the ultra-modern technology for cotton cultivation
Land Preparation is one of the most important and primary steps of farming. For this, before sowing, the land should be ploughed and exposed to enough sunlight after ploughing. This ensures that the pests and soil borne diseases of cotton crop will be controlled i.e. eggs of boll worm. Deep ploughing should be done and the soil should be exposed to sunlight for at least 15 days. After that, harrowing should be done. The Rotavator should be used to prepare the land and ridge along with furrows should be created. FYM or organic fertilizers should be mixed and if you plan to grow intercrops, raised seed beds should be prepared. Cultivation Tips: 1) In regions where there is less rainfall, cultivation should be done using ridge and furrow method. 2) For varieties with low maturity period, the distance between the rows should be 3 ft and distance between the seeds should be 0.5 to 1 ft. 3) For varieties with medium maturity period, the distance between rows should be 4 ft and the distance between the seeds should be 1 to 2 ft. 4) For late maturity varieties, keeping the distance between rows as 5 ft and the distance between the seeds as 2 ft will be beneficial. 5) Seeds should be dibbled at approximately 5 centimeters depth and care should be taken that they are not sown deeper than that. Within 5-6 days of first irrigation after sowing, seeds will germinate. Nutrition management - For management of reddening of cotton leaf deficiency during land preparation, appplication of FYM or organic manure should be done. Also, if water availability is more, then the first dose of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium should be given in the proportion of 10:26:26 (1 bag) and Urea (25 kg) together or 18:46 (1 bag) and Potash (1 bag) should be used together. Weed control - After sowing, to prevent weeds, along with the first irrigation, Pendimethalin @700 ml should be mixed with 150 to 200 liters of water and sprayed on one acre plot. Due to this spray, the weeds will not grow. After the first irrigation, spraying is mandatory within 24 hours. For more information on ultra-modern techniques of cotton farming, simply give a missed call on 1800-120-3232 and speak to AgroStar's Agri Doctor.
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