Importance of Shade House in Protective Farming
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Importance of Shade House in Protective Farming
Shade House is a structure made of agro traps or other woven material in which the necessary sunlight, moisture, and air enter through open spaces. This helps to create an ideal environment for the growth of the plant. It is also called as 'shed net house' or 'net house.'
Method to Construct Shade House: In this design, iron angles (35 mm x 35 mm x 6 mm) and bamboo are used for the structural frame. The iron angle is used as a base pillar with a 'U' clip at the bottom for holding and above for holding bamboo. Bamboo is used for to make both, latch and balcony structure. Deposition is planned after levelling of the shade house site. The pits are dug for the base pillars, a portion of the pits are filled with sand and is stored well. The base pillars are then paved with cement concrete, ensuring equal distance to the shed in three parallel rows. After appropriate process, the fitting measured bamboo is used as a latch, rounding structure of the roof and tied properly. The pre-finished head frame and door frame are tightened to the structure using a nut-bolt. After that 50% -75% of the agro shed net is tightened with a roof top and the 30% of net is tightened by the side frame. Internal frames and doors are also covered with shed nets. Finally, the middle floor and boundary ridge line is made of brick joints. Importance of Shade House: 1. It helps in the cultivation of plants such as, flowers, bells, creepers, vegetables, and spices. 2. It is used for nurseries of fruits and vegetables, etc. 3. It is beneficial in quality drying of various agricultural products. 4. It is recommended for protection against insect and pest outbreaks. 5. It provides protection against natural outbreaks of weather such as storm, rain, hailstorm, etc. 6. Shed net is useful to protect the plant’s developing branches from severe sunlight. 7. It is used for the strengthening of tissue culture plants. Source: 29 Aug 2018 If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.