Importance of Apiculture in Agriculture
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Importance of Apiculture in Agriculture
• Bee keeping business is growing rapidly in India. By adopting this business with agriculture, farmers can get supplementary additional income, which can go a long way in doubling the income target of farmers. _x000D_ • This business is well developed in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, W. Bengal Kerala in India. _x000D_ • Among the five popular bees species, Italian bee (Apis melefera) and Indian bee (Apis serena indica) are welfitted in prevailing Indian environment. These two species of honey bees are most popular for the apiculture. These species are convennient to grow in wooden boxes. These species are used commercially all over the world. _x000D_ • On an average, 30 kg honey can be harvested from the one comb. And maximum 70 kg. Its quality is also good. _x000D_ • It is very easy to keep the honey bee wooden boxed on the boundaries of crop field. _x000D_ • With this bee keeping, in addtion to honey, farmer can also produce other products like wax, propolis, bee venom and royal jelly. Honey is widely used as an aryuvedic remedies. _x000D_ • In addtion to the honey bee wooden boxes, hand glovesm bee hive base, honey extractor, face proction, mesh fumes, knife, mesh for separation of queen of honey bee etc. are required for the apiculture. _x000D_ • Farmer can get honey and its other produces and also get advantages of pollination by honey bees, which is an important factor for the crop production. _x000D_ • Bees work as pollinator in most of the crops, which increases the seed production. The seeds become large and havier. _x000D_ • Germination of seeds, aroma and nutrients in fruits, growth in various crop plants, production of green fodder, nactors in flowers, resistance in crop plants against insect pests and diseases, oil content in oil seed crops etc. are increased due to bees. _x000D_ • About 80% crops are depend on cross pollination, in which the contribution of bees along with other insects is higher (75 to 80%). _x000D_ • According to one study, crops like Cherry, almond, graps, lychee, raddish, cucuber, onion, mustard, cotton etc., the production is increased more than 50% due to bee pollination only. _x000D_ • Thus, farmer can start a beeking business to earn a supplementary income as well as can get increased their crop production. _x000D_ • In order to be efficient and economical bee keeping, beekeepers have to plan their crops throughout the year to get enough pollen and honey._x000D_ • During bee keeping, it is necessary to take various measures to protect the honey bees colonies against the natural enemies of bees such as ants, black ants, lizards, hawk moth, mites, amoeba and various diseases. _x000D_ • According to one estimate, the destruction of bees could have a serious impact on human life in just four years._x000D_ • Necessary trainings, information and various assistance for bee keeping are provided to the farmers by the government as well as Hoeny Bee Board for this business. Interested farmers should contact to the village level worker or Agriculture/ Horticulture deparments._x000D_
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