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Identify and control the insects in summer Green gram, Urid bean and Cowpea
In summer, farmers sow mung, urad and papaya crops as a cash crop, after 15th February. If the insect pests are not controlled even in these cash crops, then there is a serious impact on production and quality. Keeping this goal in mind, we have tried to give accurate guidance on how to recognize the pests in the crop and to control them effectively. Aphids: Nymphs and adults are blackish-colored. In the beginning they are few in number, but the female gives birth directly to the young ones, due to which their number increases. Aphids are seen stuck to the young branches, leaves and pods. Nymphs and adults suck the sap from young shoots, resulting in the yellowing of leaves. The growth of plant is hindered. In the cases of more infestation, the upper part of plant and its pods get curled up and there is a serious impact on production and quality. Aphids secrete honey dew secretion from their body which sticks to the surface of the leaves, and they appear glossy. Black fungus grows on this substance. So the appearance of entire plant is black. There is an obstruction in the process of photosynthesis when the leaves becomes black. Integrated management • Along with the infestion of aphids, its natural enemy, lady bird beetle also can be seen. The larvae and adults of this beetle (black coloured with yellow stripes) eat away the aphids and decreases aphid population. Avoid spraying pesticides at such time. Another enemy, the chrysopa larvae also eat away the aphids. • In the beginning of infestation, mix 500 gm (5% extract) neem seed extract or 40 gm verticillium lecanii powder in 10 liters of water and spray on the plant. • If the infestation is more, then mix and spray methyl-o-demeton 25 EC 10 ml or Imidacloprid 17.8 SL 5 ml or Thiamethoxam 25 WG 4 grams in 10 liters of water, so that these pests can be effectively controlled.
White fly: Young and adults of this fly suck the sap from leaves. Curling of the leaves is observed in case of heavy incidence. This fly plays an important role in spreading yellow mosaic virus disease in green gram, moth beans and cow pea. If the infestation is more, the young flies secrete honey dew secretion from their bodies with the growth of black sooty mould fungus is also seen which obstructs the process of photosynthesis. Integrated management • Encarsia wasps are enemies of this pest, which damage the cocoons of the white fly. • 500 gm (5% extract) of neem seed extract or 50 ml neem oil or 20 ml (1 EC) to 40 ml (0.15 EC) neem based medicine in 10 liters of water and spray on the plant. • Mix and spray acephate 75 SP 10 g or triazophos 40 EC 20 ml or Acetamiprid 20 SP 4 gm in 10 liters of water. Dr. T. M. Bharpoda Ex. Professor of Entomology B. A. College of Agriculture , Anand Agricultural University, Anand- 388 110 (Gujarat India)
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