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How to take soil sample?
• Collect soil samples from 8 to 10 places in your farm. • To collect the soil sample, prepare a pit of V shape. • Drive the auger to a plough depth of 15 cm and draw the soil sample • Do not take samples in a place where crop residues are placed. • Take a soil sample of 500 grams from all the pits. • Collect the soil, then divide it into four equal parts. • The two opposite quarters are discarded and the remaining two quarters are remixed. • Continue this process until the desired sample size is obtained. • After this, transfer the soil sample into a polythene or cloth bag and label it with farmer name, address, description of the field and send this sample to the soil testing laboratory. Source - AgroStar Agronomy Excellence Center If you find this information useful, then like it and share it with all your farmer friends.
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